Workflow Automation: Streamline Sales and Project Management for Consulting

This tech stack streamlines sales and project management for consulting / professional services.

Tools used:

  • Pipedrive for Sales CRM and bookings
  • Outlook for email and calendar
  • Basecamp for project management and communications

How it works:

Users are initially integrated into the system through Pipedrive’s booking calendar. This syncs into Pipedrive’s CRM and calendar, which can be connected to your Outlook calendar.

Sales and closing emails are handled through Outlook or Pipedrive. With Pipedrive’s integration, these emails are automatically added to contact records in the CRM.

From Outlook, tasks can be assigned to yourself using Outlook’s task list, per usual.

Once the client is signed, a Basecamp base can be created. Basecamp allows calendars to be synced to your Outlook calendar, meaning that every task created on Basecamp with a due date, will be added and recorded on the outlook calendar.


  • Unified task list in Outlook
  • Unified calendar in Outlook
  • Booking calendar integrated with Outlook Calendar
  • All email conversations recorded
  • 1 Project management hub

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