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What Is The Best WooCommerce Multivendor Plugin? 7 Apps Compared

Multi-vendor marketplaces are websites like Amazon or eBay where users can create their own stores on the platform. These types of websites can be created with WooCommerce using the right plugin. However, searching for the best WooCommerce multi-vendor can be a little overwhelming. There are too many options, and with options – comes confusion. With WooCommerce — a powerful eCommerce plugin; people can create aesthetic, functional, and efficient multi-vendor marketplaces in no time.

To help with this, I have spent the past 2 days going through the best marketplace plugins for WooCommerce. Here is a list of the 7 best plugins that you can use to create your multivendor marketplace.

In summary, Dokan Multivendor, WCFM Marketplace and WC marketplace are the top 3 choices. These provide the best mix based on a set criteria of features, efficiency, support and pricing. Make sure to read until the end to get a detailed analysis of all 7 plugins.

Summary of Results

NameFrontend DashboardOrder ManagerShipping SettingsCommission SettingsSale ReportRemote ManagerAuto RefundPrice
Dokan Multivendor✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️X✔️$112
WCFM Marketplace✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️$49
WC Marketplace✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️X✔️Free
WC Vendors Marketplace✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️XX$199
YITH MultivendorX✔️✔️✔️✔️X✔️$99
Product VendorsX✔️✔️✔️✔️XX$79

Evaluation Criteria

To narrow down your options, let’s use a few parameters to judge the best WooCommerce plugins.

Usability / UX

A user-friendly front-end is essential for any site owner. Too many features, multiple dashboards or just generally poor UX can make running your site difficult. So, an interface that allows you to easily perform tasks , upload products, manage coupons and receive orders easily is preferred.

Payment Solutions

Any multivendor plugin should be able to provide flexible options for payment terms between the owner and the vendors. The best plugins are those which allow you to set up flexible commission rules and easy withdrawals or provide for more complex arrangements.


Price is a deciding factor in choosing your favorite plugin. The majority plugins come with a freemium plan that allows you to test some of their features before buying. However, these free premium plans may not provide enough features in the long run.

Most plugins that you will require will cost you almost $70 to $150 USD with complete features and customer support.


Like any other purchase, make sure you check the customer experience history before making your choice.


Digital products like eBooks, music, or courses can be sold via multivendor plugins that support these features. This is just an example of the types of features that you may need as a multi-vendor site. Also, you will probably want to look out for features like custom tax collection, where vendors can set their taxes according to their area can also be helpful.

1. Dokan Multivendor

Source: Dokan

Downloads: 60,000+

Rating: 4.5/5

Price: Starter – $119/annually (1 Site), Professional – $187/annually (3 Site), Business – $349/annually (5 Site), Enterprise – $649/annually (20 Site)

The Dokan Multivendor is one the highest-ranking multi-vendor plugins for WooCommerce. This plugin is the most popular with users who want to replicate stores like Amazon, Shopify, and eBay.

For site owners, the Dokan Multivendor allows you to access all the features on a frontend management display, which can be customised with a personalized dashboard.

For vendors, the Dokan Multivendor plugin has no limit on the amount of vendors, or products that can be added in your marketplace so the platform is quite scalable. Also, it supports more than 25 languages worldwide, which will improve your sales organically by tapping into additional markets.


  • Unlimited vendors
  • Vendor-friendly frontend
  • Smooth order management
  • Supports global payments
  • Flexible shipping management


  • The system has glitches and bugs — like in the UI, form fields are too small for inputs.
  • Comments suggest that support is inconvenient

2. WCFM Marketplace by WC Lovers

WCFM Marketplace - Single Product Multi-vendor - WC Lovers
Source: WP Lovers

Downloads: 30,000+

Rating: 4/5

Price: $199 (Single Site), WC Vendor Pro Lifetime – $599 (Single Site)

The WCFM Marketplace is a multi-vendor plugin with a bunch of cool features. The users have plenty of control over their marketplace through the ability to connect with other WooCommerce extensions allowing you to leverage WordPress plugin network.

The WCFM Marketplace has a good front-end for site managers. Product management, coupon management, and sales management systems are user-friendly, efficient, and come with a broad range of options.

A key feature of WCFM is that it offers a Vendor Mobile App.

For vendors, they can easily change the name, price, stock, or image of their products with their mobile app too. On top of that, site owners can easily monitor their commissions, refunds, ledgers and transactions with their app.


  • Live chat option
  • Support ticketing system
  • Mobile App (iOS and Android)
  • Blogging option for vendors
  • User-friendly frontend


  • The support system is not responsive, it is reported that complaints are not being handled properly
  • Premium add-ons

3. WC Marketplace

Source: WCMp

Downloads: 10,000+

Rating: 4/5

Price: Free, $199 – 1 year, $349 – 2 years

The WC Marketplace is a multi-store marketplace plugin by WooCommerce.  Trusted by 10,000+ users, the customizable multi-vendor plugin is user-friendly and comes with advanced features including comprehensive commission management, product management, shipping, tax management along with multiple payment methods, product ratings  and coupon management.

Its core functionalities are free but more front end features can be purchased in addition. There is also a dashboard for vendors to manage their products, sales and orders.


  • Global messaging system
  • Packed with features such as detailed analytics of sales, adjustable shipping rates, product management tools, built in order manager
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Product review management


  • No front end tracking
  • Basic Dashboard
  • Lacks seller verifications
  • No trusted sellers tag

4. WC Vendors Marketplace

Source: WC Vendors

Downloads: 20,000+

Rating: 4/5

Price: $494 (12 Months – Up to 3 Sites)

The WC Vendors Marketplace is a feature rich multi-store plugin with more than 20,000 users. The WC Vendors Marketplace blends in all the strong features of other multi-vendor plugins and brings them into a more centralised platform experience. It has a cleaner front end and appears easier to use.

The main advantage of this plugin is that it offers centralized administration over all vendor stores and your entire marketplace for site owners.

With the plugin, site owners can also easily sell membership plans to vendors with tiers based on the number of sales.


  • Customizable front-end features
  • Easy on the budget
  • Real-time support with live chat features
  • Defined policies
  • Vendor store SEO


  • Does not generate seller statement reports
  • Does not have a back ordering system
  • Cannot store contact form submissions

5. YITH Multivendor

Source: yith themes

Downloads: 18000+

Rating: 4.5/5

Price: 1 Site – $ 99.99/ year

YITH is another popular platform with high ratings of 4.5/5 and a 97% customer satisfaction in support. YITH is loved by its users.

This plugin also allows you to select multiple administrators, manage marketing campaigns, create product catalogs and create a primary multi-vendor store.  Site owners can also set individual commission rates, report management, refunds, order management and display featured products.


  • Automatic commission reports
  • Super admin allows superior control over the store
  • Efficient management systems
  • WPML- Compatible


  • Lacks front end dashboard for vendors
  • Lack of multiple payment options

6. Product Vendors

Source: WooCommerce

Downloads: 500+

Rating: 3/5

Price: $79

The Product Vendors plugin allows WooCommerce site owners to add multiple vendors on your website and generate commissions for sales for the owner. Individual vendors can control and customize their profiles, view reports on sales, commissions, and status of the orders.

Site owners are able to set commission rates, display their ratings and add or remove vendors.


  • Ideal platform for newcomers
  • The owner has complete control of the market
  • Multiple vendor management systems
  • Automatic or manual withdrawal option


  • No front-end dashboard
  • Fewer features than competitors
  • No seller statement generation

7. VendorPro by Ink Themes

Source: Vendorpro

Downloads: 1000+

Rating: 4.5/5

Price: 1 Site – $ 97/ year

VendorPro is among the highest rated plugins. VendorPro you can create a full-fledged multi vendor marketplace by permitting vendors to sell their products on you site, as well as affiliates.

A key feature of this plugin is that it allows you to define the base commissions on different products. The plugin then conducts a detailed review of commissions and provides the analysis report.

Vendors have specific editorial control over their products, publishing, showing/hiding and enabling order management.


  • Affiliate marketing-friendly
  • Vendor empowerment – gives special privileges to vendors
  • Versatile support system
  • Secure payment process


  • No seller statement report
  • Lacks vendor dashboard
  • Built for digital products
  • Not feature rich


For users who want maximum ease of use and functionality, the WCFM Marketplace looks to have the right balance here. Because it allows you to connect with most WooCommerce extensions to leverage the full network of WordPress plugins.

For those looking for the cheapest solution with a balance of features, VendorPro may be the best place to start. It’s basic package comes for free and the level one package comes at only $97/year. The VendorPro plugin is highly rated and loved by its users.