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5 Wholesale B2B Plugins For WooCommerce: Which Is The Best in 2022?

For traders and wholesalers, WooCommerce can be a strong, flexible platform for building out their eCommerce capabilities with the right plugin especially when combined with a great design tool like Elementor. But I was wondering, what is the best B2B plugin for WooCommerce, to transform a regular store into one with B2B functionality?

Turns out, there are tonnes on the market. So I’ve done a review of all the major B2B plugins and their pros and cons.

People who may be interested in adding B2B functionality to their store include:

  • Wholesalers
  • Retailers who offer bulk discounts
  • Businesses that offer customized products
In summary, the best all-around WooCommerce B2B plugin is B2B King because of its extensive features including custom quote requests, high reviews, and highly rated support.

Table of Results

NameCostKey FeaturesReviews
B2BKing (Recommended)$139 Lifetime LicenseB2B Dashboard
Wholesale Order Form
Quote Requests
Extensive Features
5.0 Stars, 52 Reviews on Envato market
4.8 Stars, 4 Reviews on Capterra
Wholesale Suite (Runner-up)$148 AnnuallyWholesale Catalogue Page
Extensive Features
4.8 Stars, 373 Reviews on WordPress.org
4.9 Stars, 51 Reviews on Capterra
WooCommerce Wholesale ProFrom $99 AnnuallyWholesale Order Interface*
4.93 Stars, 15 Reviews on the Site
B2B for WooCommerce by Code4LifeFrom $69 AnnuallyPackage Quantities
Coupon Restriction
Extensive Features
4.5 Stars, 38 Reviews on WooCommerce
4.84 Stars, 73 Reviews on Envato market
B2B eCommerce for WooCommerce
by Codup
$99 AnnuallyRequest a Quote function
Custom Payment Terms
Easy Reorder

*Features require additional plugins which may not be included in the main package.

One of the most popular suggested plugins, despite the lack of reviews on the WordPress plugin directory. The feature list is extensive:

  • B2B Dashboard
  • Wholesale Pricing Options
  • Wholesale Order Form
  • Wholesale Account Signup
  • Product Visibility Control
  • Minimum Purchase Rules
  • Quote Requests
  • Wholesale Tax Options
  • Custom Shipping Options
  • Customizable Checkout
  • Gated Content
  • Product Bundles
  • Minimum Purchase Rules
  • Invoice Payment Gateway


Something to note out of the gate is that the Invoice Payment Gateway feature is not exactly as stated. It is merely the option to have invoicing as the payment option. The plugin will not generate invoices for you.

Source: B2B King

Another limitation is that users are reporting that the plugin is difficult or not possible to use with multiple language plugins. So this plugin may not be suitable for merchants who want to use the same store for multiple languages.

Aside from this, they also have the quote request function but unfortunately, it is not as intuitive as other plugins. The request for a custom quote appears on the checkout page rather than the product page.

Image Source: https://woocommerce-b2b-plugin.com/


One of the main strengths of the plugin is that it is fully featured. From comparing other plugins, B2B King has most of the features that other plugins have.

Some other features stand out, however, including the B2B dashboard. This is a nice to have a feature that can make running the B2B side of the business more separated and visible.

Source: codecanyon

The dashboard shows:

  • Sales Revenue
  • Orders
  • Total Customers
  • Net Earnings
  • New Messages
  • New Orders
  • New Wholesale Registrations/Requests

Another interesting feature is messaging. Buyers can message regarding custom quotes and these are stored, and replyable from the backend.

I’m unsure how useful this would be in practice as you would likely use your own CRM, email, and invoicing tools to manage client relationships.

Regardless, this would be a useful feature for smaller stores who wish to keep their tech stacks slim.

Image Source: b2bkings


On top of the many reviews, there are lots of comments in them about the support. Pretty much everyone regards the support as great for their speed, listening, and flexibility across multiple sources. So this is a definite strength.

Great support is a common compliment in the reviews.

2. Wholesale Suite (Runner-Up)

Wholesale Suite is another strong option for both retail and wholesale sellers as it also has an extensive list of features covering most use cases.

Being a suite, the plugin is actually made up of 3 products:

  • Wholesale Prices
  • Wholesale Order Form
  • Wholesale Lead Capture

Together, they capture most of your key features including:

  • Wholesale Pricing Options
  • Wholesale Catalogue Page
  • Product Visibility Control
  • Wholesale Tax Options
  • Custom Shipping Options
  • Minimum Purchase Rules
  • Wholesale Account Signup
  • Multiple Language Support
  • WooCommerce API Integration


There are some limitations of this plugin, including:

  • Prices per currency
  • Lack of payment terms option
  • No request for a quote feature

The sentiment of reviewers is that there is generally a learning curve but once mastered, most users are very happy with the plugin and find the large range of features across the suite to be extensive.

Custom payment terms seem to be a standout lack of functionality as one user on Capterra reported:

“To be honest, it’s hard to find something wrong about it. So far, and I’ve been using it on many sites, this was not the first, it over performed so unless we speak about the fact that they don’t offer a NET30 gateway to go along with it or something like that which is obviously not the basic purpose of this plugin, I don’t have anything bad to say about it.“Capterra Reviewer


A great feature of this plugin is the practical wholesale ordering page. Wholesale users are shown a list-style catalog from which they can order after logging in.

The search supports both SKU and name searches.

Wholesale order page. Clicking ‘show all products’ extends the list of products shown on the page until the end.

Another strong aspect of the plugin is the tax options.

For international sellers, different tax rates can apply depending on which country you are selling to. For example, after a certain amount of revenue, you will need to apply GST to wholesale sales in Australia.

With Wholesale Suite, you can add a tax rate for just that particular class of customer.

Source: Wholesale Suite


Support has been listed as very helpful, with 5 comments in a row mentioning how great the support is.

Source: WordPress.org plugin reviews

3. WooCommerce Wholesale Pro

This option by Barn2 plugins looks to be one of the more polished products available. Overall, you get many of the common functions from most B2B plugins, including:

  • Wholesale Pricing Options
  • Wholesale Account Signup
  • Product Visibility Control
  • Custom Payment Methods
  • Tax Customisation


Some important considerations to know that some features require extra paid plugins which may not be part of your plan:

  • Multi-Currency*
  • Minimum Purchase Rules*
  • Multiple Language Support

These are provided for by other plugins which you will need to buy.


The key difference between this plugin and the others though is that their custom wholesaler interface has a strong user experience given their heavy emphasis on custom order forms. See below as an example:

Source: Barn2

However, the plugin lacks custom quote requests so it would be more suitable for merchants with lots of products that need to be ordered from a single page, rather than clicking through to categories, and that don’t require customisation.


The reviews seem to be strong however, they are all hosted on the website itself. I wasn’t able to find reviews on third-party websites like Capterra or WordPress.org.

The developer mentions that they offer email support in the documentation.

4. B2B for WooCommerce by Code4Life

This plugin by Code4Life is very extensive and has, again, the main range of features that you would expect. Some of these include:

  • Wholesale Pricing Options
  • Bulk Pricing
  • Gated Content
  • Product Visibility Control
  • Request A Quote
  • Custom Shipping Methods
  • Custom Payment Methods
  • Customized Sign Up
  • Wholesale Tax Options
  • Minimum Purchase Rules
  • Incremental Purchase Quantities
  • Multiple Language Support


One issue I have with this plugin and some others is that the request a quote feature happens during the checkout process. I would think it is better to have it on the Product page itself.

Source: WooCommerce B2B

Many wholesale shoppers will probably not realise you can request a quote (and it doesn’t specify for which product) until they see this at the checkout.


One interesting feature that stood out was the ability to upload bulk orders on the front end. The user experience was fairly simple, and this looks like it would be useful for wholesale users who are familiar with your product range already or have access to a sheet that lists your SKUs.

Source: WooCommerce B2B Demo

Some other strong features include the ability to add customisable payment methods. This would help with adding payment terms, too, if required.

Finally, one of the last standout features was the ability to ‘force’ package increments. By adding the package increments on the product page, website users will be shown a warning about the quantity they are purchasing, that it can only be purchased in that increment.

Adding package settings to the product page. Source: WooCommerce B2B
Users shown warning that the product can only be purchased in the package quantities. Source: WooCommerce B2B


Source: Envato

Reviews focus approximately 75% on support, followed by an even split between quality and number of features.

5. B2B eCommerce for WooCommerce by Codup

Developed by Codup, this is one of the most popular results on Google search, and has the usual core features:

  • Wholesale Pricing Options
  • Wholesale Account Signup
  • Gated Content
  • Custom Payment Terms
  • Minimum/Maximum Purchase Rules (MOQ, MOV)
  • Bulk pricing
  • Loco Translate Compatible
  • API Integration


While not strictly a limitation, it appears that the plugin overall is missing some advanced features including:

  • Tax Settings
  • Product Visibility Control

Not having product visibility control (other than hiding the whole store) could be problematic for vendors who don’t want to maintain two separate stores.

However, if you are looking for a plugin to build a completely hidden wholesale view for B2B purchases and requests, this would be a suitable plugin.


The strongest feature is the request a custom quote function. The user experience looks intuitive and you can see the request quotes in the backend of your store.

Image Source: WooCommerce

Another core feature is the custom payment methods, which other plugins appear to lack. This is great if you are running a business with different Net payment terms.

Finally, they also have an easy reorder feature that would be handy for stores that have a high volume of reorders of the same type of item. This would make reordering much faster.


No commentary is available yet as there are no reviews on the WooCommerce site or other third-party websites.


Overall, the plugins reviewed have a mix of polish, usability, and features. Some have elected for fewer features but more polish and usability, others have gone for more features but less polish and usability.

For a general recommendation for any B2B store, I think B2B King has found the right mix here, followed closely by Wholesale Suite. They both give you an extensive list of features with a decent amount of polish and usability. Also, they both have strongly rated support, so you know you can get help actually implementing your system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best wholesale plugin for a custom product/made-to-order store?

I actually suggest that for this particular case, check out B2B eCommerce for WordPress by CodeUp. This plugin has the best UX for quote requests on the product page, rather than cart or checkout pages.

Closing Notes

#1 – Try to map out your desired user flow first using something like Miro and mark down the steps and actions involved. Think like a UI/UX designer before selecting the plugin you need.

#2 – Install your chosen plugin on a test website first and check that things work as you intend them to before committing to a plugin. It will be easier to change ahead of time.