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[Build in Public] Twitter Profile

[Build in Public] Twitter Profile

Twitter was a platform that I haven’t historically enjoyed because of the politics. But, recently it seems to have gone through a kind of revival.

So, I thought I would dip my toe in the water and try to learn how it works for the purpose of A) networking with some great people on the platform but also B) promoting content, such as the things that I’m learning from my guests.

Because I’m not that interested in creating my own product or agency, a big focus for me right now is promoting my guests and their businesses or products.

There are plenty of great products out there and really smart people, but not enough attention on them. Maybe Twitter is a good channel for this.

Other content journeys:

April 2022

Started my account. No idea what I’m doing here. Just connecting with people I already know, maybe tweeting here and there.

May 2022

  • Got a Hypefury Account
  • Uncomfortable knowing what to post about
  • Tried a few ‘tweet storm/thread’ posts, linking back
  • Ran engagement ads on these, $1 a day strategy

Hypefury Analytics

June 2022

  • Interview with Yannick Veys, explained how the game works
  • Made a list of 5 content buckets
  • Added the buckets to a schedule to tweet out each work day
  • Added 10 people to my list of people to engage with
  • Added 1 ad campaign for requesting followers, $1 a day
  • Stopped follower ad campaign. I think it was wasted without having 'follower bait' tweets to use as creatives (tonnes of profile visits, not many follows)
  • In June, I tweeted 241 times.
Key Insight: Yannick covered in the interview that social platforms are really gearing up to keep people on their platforms. It is hard work to push people off, better to develop ‘on-platform’ content.
Yannick also provided a tip. Visual content is under-served on Twitter. One way to do this was through basic mini-infographics.

Hypefury Analytics

July 2022

  • I posted about my Twitter journey there, people liked it!
  • On the first of the month, I hit 100 followers!
  • Noticed some organic momentum in followers now.
  • Using the categories that I made in June, helps with tweet ideation.