Testing: Facebook Groups for Lead Generation

I recently came across a YouTube video about generating business leads using Facebook groups. The technique appears to work as follows:

  • Create a group not about selling your service, but about answering questions and giving tips about your service topic
  • Encourage users to post their own questions to the group
  • Ask users for permission to send them useful emails about the topic (building your list) and what their burning questions are about the topic
  • Post answers questions in the group, without identifying the asker, to show you are genuinely trying to be helpful
  • Answer posts asking for help with tips and things the poster should be doing, offering some extra help via private message
  • In private messages, offer more valuable tips/information + the offer to help via a paid service

I will be testing this on myself (ha) and with permission with accepting clients.

Update: 10/01/2020

  • Getting the intial traction of users isn’t easy. Good if you have friends to invite to get the group going who can ask some basic questions.
  • Make sure you are answering the group questions from a personal, non-commercial profile. I think commercial profiles will put people off.

Update: 16/02/2020

  • Client in the financial / services industry seems to be getting 2-4 requests to join a week passively.
  • Joining other groups that are relevant and suggesting to people who have questions to also post them there can be helpful to get new users.
  • 1-2 users seems to have converted into a client so far.
  • I am looking at ways of possibly automating the outreach to suggest joining the group to relevant people.

Update: 16/05/2020

This has turned into a great, relatively passive lead generator for this client. Users are requesting to join with questions and their emails for subscribing every few days. There is a decent portion of users converting into leads with a very high conversion rate of leads to clients.

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