HubSpot Specialist

As a freelance Hubspot consultant and marketing contractor I can help you make the most of the Hubspot marketing platform which allows business owners to combine that marketing efforts under a central platform, and better utilise inbound marketing methods with fit-for-purpose tools.

While I am based in Seoul (and Brisbane, Australia) I have helped and continue to help clients in the US, Europe and APAC remotely.

Why use Hubspot?

Hubspot has many great benefits. Having tried a variety of marketing tools, including MailChimp, Active Campaign, Zoho Marketing, etc, personally I find one major benefit of Hubspot is that it provides a convenient centralised platform.

This means you can spend less time hopping between platforms, and keep both your efforts and measurement of marketing campaigns in one place.

The other benefit of Hubspot is that it provides these tools with the inbound digital marketing approach in mind. Where there is room for outbound marketing approaches, as part of your marketing mix, Hubspot features are designed fairly specifically for inbound. This makes it easier to run inbound tactics versus other generalised tools.


As a freelance Hubspot contractor, I can help you:

  • Setup and integrate Hubspot generally in your organisation or office.
  • Enact and run the inbound marketing approach.
  • Onboard to Hubspot platform.
  • Setup and operate Hubspot marketing.
  • Integrate and run Hubspot’s sales and service features.

Next steps

If you are looking for help with setting up Hubspot for your business, please contact me to arrange a free initial consultation.