Benjamin Boman

I tried Quuu Promote for three months. Was it worth it? (Review)

Arguably content distribution is one of the hardest aspects of content marketing. For a long time I have been hunting around for the best tools, looking on Product Hunt, etc looking for things that can make content promotion easier. This platform seemed to be the main option out there.

Here is my experience with the tool and whether I think it is worth it:

How it works

Here is a quick rundown on how to use Quuu to promote content:

  1. Make an account on Quuu
  2. Add your profile information (website, social handles)
  3. Click one-off promotion (this uses 1 submission allocation)
  1. Select 1 category
  2. Toggle the permissions settings, e.g. are you the article owner?
  3. Submit for approval

And you’re off to the races!

My Results

overall, you can see that I got a decent amount of clicks on my content over time. It takes a while to see the results because you will get a lot of share numbers showing on your dashboard which seems to count the number of people who have added it to their social media cues. Not necessarily the post that has gone out just yet.

Once the posts are out, you can start seeing the clicks rolling. For me, I get about 2 to 10 clicks per 100 shares.

Key insights from 170 promoted blog posts:

  • 50% of 1k+ shared content had long captions
  • 33% had numbers in the titles
  • 11% of 500+ shares had questions in the title
  • 47% had numbers in the titles
  • 3% of posts with questions in the title got 500+ clicks
  • 9% had long captions
  • 44% had handle or hashtag mentions in the caption
  • 53% had numbers in the caption

What is also cool is that the share count adds to your profile on You can see some of my articles made it onto some of the highest-ranking content, according to BuzzSumo.

Other Notes

When looking at other people’s reviews of the product, I also found this great post by Richard Lazazzera which broke down the performance of 170 articles promoted on the platform.

  • Headline performance, and;
  • Category performance, and;
  • Cover image performance, too.

I’m always on the hunt for more content promotion tools and techniques over time as well, so if you know of any worth checking out please let me know in the comments.

Next Steps

For me, I’m going to continue to use Q to promote all my articles, usually submitting as soon as I’ve finished the piece. It won’t give me groundbreaking traffic, but it will give my content that initial kick to get going.