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[Build in Public] Quora Profile

[Build in Public] Quora Profile

I've been a fan of the website since the early days. I remember when LinkedIn actually canceled their answers feature and merged it into Quora.

Originally I set out to use Quora to generate traffic for my articles here on this blog, but in June I read The Art and Business of Writing Online and realized that it actually had a greater purpose:

Quora provides a platform where I can write often and in a short format in order to get feedback on what works and what people are interested in.

I waited a while before publishing this because I didn't take many actions on the platform, but here is my progress to date.

May 2022

  • 10 answers

June 2022

  • Removed non-targeted answers
  • Got into a grove with my structure: Empathize, story/value, lead-on
  • Listened to a podcast from Casey Hill, Quora Pro
  • 29 answers added
Using Quora efficiently for B2B marketing: Casey Hill
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July 2022

  • Tried using PhantomBuster to follow 400 people.
  • Most turned out to be bots. 1 person followed back.
  • Unfollowed everyone I followed using PhantomBuster.
  • Read The Art and Business of Writing Online by Nicolas Cole. Awesome book.
  • Started using story formats for my answers.
  • Getting upvotes now.
  • Not much activity as I was out of commission with covid and an operation mid-July.
The Art and Business of Online Writing — Nicolas Cole
How to beat the game of capturing and keeping attention.

August 2022

  • TBA