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[Build in Public] My Podcast

[Build in Public] My Podcast

I noticed that my open notes on learning how to do content marketing with Medium, communities and Twitter etc is quite popular. So I decided to build in public with my podcast as well. You can see my journey below.

January to February 2022

  • Started the year not that interested in podcasting, honestly.
  • Considering how to stop doing The Marketing Automation Discussion.
  • Realized I loved interviewing but wanted to talk to people outside of narrowly defined “Marketing Automation”.
  • Thought about creating a new hobby podcast where I talk to bankers, marketers, and founders.

March to May 2022

  • Decided to create my hobby show.
  • Called the podcast, Build Finance Grow.
  • Created a Substack
  • Booked 5 awesome guests. All are basically because the guest was generous.
  • Focused a lot on ‘lifestyle digital businesses’. My first interest here.

June 2022

  • Struggling a little with focus for my personal projects. Too many.
  • My friend David encouraged me to focus on a single show, under my own name.
  • Decided and consolidated my podcasting into 1 show, renamed Build Finance Grow to my name.
  • Had a new headshot made, on saalif_art on Fiverr $35.
  • Focused on a niche, SaaS marketing (with a lean towards content marketing).
  • New podcast cover art from a chap on Fiverr, $15.
Feels a bit too self-absorbed to be honest. But gives me the flexibility to talk about a range of things/pivot.
  • Joined Goodpods, but can’t get my podcast listed on my profile (or even open my podcast on the platform).
  • Booked some awesome guests. Trying to use the technique taught by Alex Berman for my outreach.
  • One guest commented that they loved the way I planned to promote the content, as a deciding factor.
  • Had my first guest who really helped co-promote it. About 30 new website visitors, 0 signups.
  • Made a mistake by saying a guest's name incorrectly. The guest was gracious about it, but it was the 2nd time this happened.

July 2022

  • Updated process to have a pre-interview session with guests new to podcasting. We outline the topic and angle so they can prepare more than usual
  • Made a gaff! Didn't check the link to Content Snare interview when I published the summary notes. Jimmy pointed out the mistake to me. Very embarrassing.