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My Picks: The Best Personalized Video Marketing Software

My Picks: The Best Personalized Video Marketing Software

Personalized video platforms are something I haven’t used as much as I should- but they’re awesome. Basically, they allow you to use your face and voice to warm up and nurture prospects that you’re targeting.

So in the spirit of reviewing a whole bunch of tools for B2B marketing, this week I decided to review all the major personalized video tools and see which one was the best.

TLDR: I use and recommend Bonjoro. The reason is that it is the most streamlined for sending large amounts of video messages and has the best ‘response’ features, such as CTAs and chatboxes next to your videos.

Summary of Results

Bonjoro Sendspark VidyardLoom
Ease of Use4/53.5/54/54/5
and from $19 p/m
and from $15 p/m
and from $15 p/m
and from $8 p/m

Evaluation Criteria

As always it makes sense to outline what criteria I am using to evaluate these options.


The video platform has to have awesome features. It’s going to be easy to use to send out and warm up prospects. This probably going to mean that it has some social elements as well as good CTA and landing page customization.

Ease of Use

The tool should be easy to use. It should be fairly fast and seamless to go from recording and sending in bulk.


All marketing tools are part of a marketing stack. So it makes sense that the tools have to be able to integrate with a lot of platforms, not just the major ones but hopefully some other tools that are specialists in their part of the marketing stack.


Finally, I’m gonna look at the price. Most SaaS products are gonna have very similar prices but I am looking for a good price-to-value ratio here.

Video Marketing Platforms and Tools


Bonjoro is probably the most popular tool out on the market for this particular use case. Their entire tool is streamlined around doing a lot of video messages and getting direct responses in the form of comments or messages. Is probably my favorite tool here and I can explain why.

One major benefit of using Bonjoro is that you can send your messages directly from the platform. It’s a minor thing but it’s a little bit of a pain to have to copy and paste your video message into your browser Gmail in order to send it. The landing page for the message is also quite cool in that it is 100% optimized for this particular type of message as you can see below.

Overall, this is the tool that I recommend if you’re looking to send as many video messages as possible to a fairly large database.

One thing to keep in mind though is that it doesn’t allow you to screen share. So if you’re trying to share something that is a little presentation-based, then Bonjoro isn’t the right tool for you.


  • Has a video reply and CTA by default
  • Easy to send lots of video messages


  • Workflow terminology is confusing
  • Hard to customize subject lines
  • Can only send videos through Bonjoro
  • No screen sharing


Free, and from $19 per month. Learn more about Bonjoro.


Sendspark is a tool I was most hopeful about as being a competitor to Bonjoro. As you can see from the home page they seem to be wanting to position themselves there and have a lot of great detail on all the different use cases for video messaging. It’s actually a great place to start if you’re wondering about how to actually use these kinds of messages.

Overall, it is more flexible in that you can do screen sharing and you can copy and paste the link to the video message anywhere. In Bonjoro you’ll have to rely on their email sending, meaning you need the email of the person you want to send it to. With this application, you can just copy and paste the link and put it anywhere. The sad part is that you can’t email from the platform so you’ll have to do a lot of it manually.


  • You can copy/paste anywhere
  • Screensharing allowed


  • Have to manually copy/paste the video message & thumbnail
  • No video or easy reply feature
  • Few integrations (as of 2022)


Free, and starting at $15 p/month. Learn more about Sendspark.


If you wanted an alternative to Bonjoro that is a bit more flexible then I think vidyard is actually the best choice here. They also have the best option available for their free users so if you’re cheap like me then this is one to use.

They allow you to do screen sharing and to copy and paste the video link anywhere. Also, you can send out directly from the platform itself, just like Bonjoro so that is extremely useful for sending a lot of messages.

The message I tested ended up in the regular tab in Gmail, too.

A super interesting feature that they have is the ability to send a video message via LinkedIn which is not just a link. It will actually show the video attached to the LinkedIn message so that is superior to a lot of the other options here too.


  • Send video via LinkedIn (with thumbnail)
  • Has screen sharing
  • Email the message from the platform
  • Add ‘chapters’ to your video
  • Can blur your background


  • Landing pages not as optimized for conversion/response as Bonjoro


Free and paid from $15 per month. Learn more about vidyard.


Loom is probably the other most popular tool here on the list . It is a great all round tool that has video sharing and copy and paste but it is not really optimized for mass video messaging. Overall, though you will still have a very solid option here that is suitable for most marketing use cases.

Probably the major feature that loom has that others don’t have is that you have more flexibility in your responses. Users can comment and create a discussion below your video and they can also reply with emojis. This is quite cool when you have a lot of emoji responses to a particular video.


  • Emoji and comment responses
  • Easy to use


  • A bit clumsy to send video messages by email
  • Not suitable for sending masses of video messages


Free, and from $8 per month. Learn more about loom.

Closing Thoughts

OK, so you have a good starting list for these video messaging tools. Now pick one or two that you really like and give them a try here. I would suggest going through your normal user flow and testing how easy it is to send a lot of video messages in the way that you like to do them.


What can you use video marketing tools for?

You can use video messaging for ABM, conversion campaigns, client onboarding, lead nurturing, testimonials, community engagement and sales nurturing.

Are video email messages more effective than text emails?

There are reports that video messages are 3x more effective than plain text.

What is the best Bonjoro alternative?

The best Bonjoro alternative in my opinion is vidyard. You can copy and paste the video link anywhere, without emails, screen share and mail out messages directly from the platform.