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[Build In Public] Medium Profile

[Build In Public] Medium Profile

I’ve seen that Medium.com is one of the recommended places for promoting written content. But I’m not really sure if this works so I thought I would give it a crack for a year or so and see what happens.

One big question I have is how does the platform work? As in, what is the user behavior. Are people mainly reading this on their phones and skimming through, or are they deep readers very interested in the content.

The other question I have is, what kind of people are on there and what are they into?

Other content journeys:

April 2022

  • Republished an article
  • Medium hates me

May 2022

June 2022

  • Actively started to engage people ON Medium
  • Responses get far more views than actual posts... hmm
  • Paid for a subscription
  • Started trying to time posts to Mondays, heard it was the best day
  • Found that claps really do push the posts, they get more exposure
  • Up to 19 followers now
  • 8 visits to my blog

July 2022

  • Read an article that suggested engagement with other writers was a key strategy used by a full-time Medium writer
  • 2 stories published
  • Not much activity as I was out of commission with covid and an operation mid-July.

August 2022

  • TBA