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My Complete MailChimp Account Audit Checklist (With Download)

My Complete MailChimp Account Audit Checklist (With Download)

MailChimp’s marketing philosophy seems to follow 5 steps which are part of their marketing certification (my review coming soon). This gives us some insight in how they might prefer users to make full use of their account, so I’ve used these to create a first level audit.

As a reminder, the steps include:

  • Collection
  • Organisation
  • Personalisation
  • Marketing
  • Optimisation (Analysis)

So here’s the checklist.


The collection phase is about making sure you’re pulling in both users and data from the appropriate sources. Check the following:

  • Is the system integrated with the CMS, such as WordPress or Shopify for data sharing?
  • Are the forms connected to collect new subscribers
  • Are popups or other lead captures being used?
  • (eCommerce) is sales data being tracked and attributed to users? E.g. via Shopify or WooCommerce?
  • Are landing pages being used to drive sales, subscribers or sign ups?
  • Is the custom URL being leveraged?


This is one of the most fun parts. Taking the uncontrolled mass of contacts and filing them away so they can be messaged and nurtured.

  • Are only a few lists being used, ideally just one? – MailChimp is picky about this and suggests using only 1 list where possible unless truly distinct audiences.
  • Are groups being used to help contacts profile themselves on signup forms?
  • Are fields being used for customer-facing and non-customer profiling data?
  • Are tags being used to track non-group interests, campaigns or sources, etc?
  • Are you are aware of enriching data with address finder and predictive demographics and using these?
  • Leveraging the campaign calendar to see scheduled promotions?

Read more: Oliva Raymer on Lists vs Groups vs Fields (and tags)


Is Personalisation being used?

  • Are merge tags being used to address people specifically?
  • Conditional merge tags blocks used to show different content based on user information?


Are you making the most use of the available tools to promote and consolidate data?

  • Is a consistent branding / template being used?
  • Using landing pages to increase conversions?
  • Creating FB, IG and Twitter posts through MC to track exposure, performance and conversions?
  • Leveraging marketing automation to take advantage of targeted triggers? E.g. Birthday, abandoned cart, follow ups
  • Connected with Instagram and Canva to manage brand content in one place?
  • Using GIFs on Twitter?
  • Are Facebook, Instagram or Twitter ads being put through the platform for performance data consolidation?
  • Have postcard mailings been considered and or used?

Optimisation / Analysis

Are you tracking, reading and acting on reporting data?

  • Aware of reports for each campaign, social media, landing page
  • Reviewing reports for problems and wins?
  • Using A/B testing or multivariate to diagnose or test solutions to the problems?
  • Aware of and leveraging MailChimp’s opportunities signals?
  • Leveraging MailChimps’ prediction data with optimised send times?
  • Using A/B testing, segmentation and multivariate testing to improve performance?
  • Using comparative reports to measure segment performance?