LinkedIn Social FAQ

What’s the strategy?

  • Official LinkedIn content strategy here LinkedIn (A bit generic, unfortunately)
  • Neil Patel’s guide to LinkedIn marketing here

What’s working in 2020?

See the video by Ryan Stewart:

  • Use a hook in the first 2 lines
  • Good performing story types:
    • Relatable story
    • Lessons learned
    • Thought provoker
    • Open questions
    • Personal moments
    • Ego bait (call outs)
    • The hack / tip share
    • Controversial PoV
    • Giveaways

Are longer posts better than short?

Read this article by Agora Pulse. My conclusions:

  • Long is good for articles
  • Author did research to say short LinkedIn posts did well
  • I don’t like this test because it tested the wrong idea… articles vs posts, very different things when short or long, but the stats on short posts is interesting

Do hashtags matter?

Hashtagging does seem to still work according to Captevrix.

What are good angles for personal posts?

I read this guide from Lempod. Highlights below:

  • Question posts “
  • Data driven insights “industry stats show that X, let’s keep that in mind”
  • Story “I’ve noticed that…”
  • Challenge the convention “Why do we do this? Can’t we do it better?”
  • Commentary “ It seems that these days..”
  • Curation (Neil Patel)

What are some good topics for business pages?

More ideas from Lempod and Disruptive Advertising.

  • Quotes
  • Updates
  • Events
  • Stats
  • How to’s

What is the best time to post?


How to increase engagement?

How to find influencers?

Guide by Grin. Basically:

  1. Search keywords
  2. Find people
  3. Evaluate their engagement on posts

Post Outlines


  • Headline
  • The story, single lines, dot points
  • CTA


  • Using the same framework
  • Comes from we


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