10 Actually Awesome Lead Magnet Creator Tools That Rock (Practical)

Creating a lead magnet can be a little bit of a pain. Even though you’re probably hit with some enthusiasm when you first think of the idea, when it comes to making the lead magnet you may quickly find yourself feeling tired populating another Canva document or sending a detailed brief to a team member.

To help with this I have rounded up a list of 10 awesome lead magnet creator tools that are actually cool.

I found in researching these that they actually inspired me to come up with new lead magnet ideas because they unlock actually different means of interaction, such as chat boards.


The Lead Magnet Creator Tools List


1. Content Ideas

Content Ideas is a website where different articles on certain topics are listed and then categorized by theme and by engagement. This is quite cool for discovering new ideas for lead magnets because you can see which ones get the most shares by influencers on Twitter without having to test them yourself.

Why is it unique? Personally I have found that BuzzSumo has become less useful over the years as it’s not profiling content that is getting the most engagement. This is a nice replacement, which is also free.

2. Answer The Public

Answer The Public is a free to use tool that helps you discover googles suggested related questions without playing alphabet soup in the Google search bar. It really saves time but it is also giving you the information in an easy format to copy and paste.

3. Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule

Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule is now one of my new favorite tools . It lets you analyze your content headlines for free which can help you position it for maximum share ability. Previously I didn’t really care that much about my contents headlines quite a comma but I have found these days that all the content marketing experts I admire really hone in on having awesome headlines. It’s basics really but I’m changing my ways now by investing in these types of tools.

Why is it unique? What’s great about this content headline analyzer is that it will allow it will give you suggestions on how to improve your headline by suggesting that you add certain words in different categories (see above). It will also give you an indication of how well that headline may do on SEO. Really, really cool tool.

Graphic and Document Creation

4. Becaon

Beacon is as close to the dream as possible. For a long time I have been wishing for a tool that could actually generate the lead magnet for you using AI or something. Sadly, we’re not there yet but, beacon is quite close in that it will allow you to create the PDF’s a lot easier than using something like Canva.

Why is it unique?

Beacon is unique in that it also includes the lead capture tools that you need to promote the lead magnet. It will also give you some analytics on the performance of your lead magnet such as views etc.

I find this really helpful because it can actually give you some new ideas on ways you can collect opt-ins for your lead magnets. Plus some of these options such as link lock or content content upgrade lead opt in forms are actually messy to implement with other tools.

5. Visme

You can embed forms into graphics. Which is cool.

Visme is a tool that you can use just like camber to create graphics and charts. This is probably really helpful for a lot of data heavy businesses who are looking to maximize the engagement that they get on their data lead magnets.

Why is it unique? With me I found was quite different in that you could actually implement lead capture forms within the graphics themselves. In the example above which you can click, I have implemented a Jotform to request opt-ins. Hopefully this gives you an idea on how you could leverage your data content to actually collect leads.

Video & Audio

6. Loom

What’s interesting about using loom as a tool to create lead magnets is that you can actually get engagement on the loom video itself. I think a lot of people, myself included, are not actually fully utilizing zoom from this perspective. I have seen a competitor use this quite well on their homepage and it’s great to see all the positive engagement on the video in the forms of thumbs up from viewers at certain parts of the video. It actually serves as a form of social proof.

Why is it unique? What’s cool about loom is that it’s free, embeddable, and if you spend a little bit of cash you can add CTS directly to the video itself. You could use this to get further engagement, collect further data on prospects, or even upsell somebody on the video page itself.


Headliner is an audiogram app which is free to use. What’s cool about it is it that is that it allows you to create videos out of audio content. This is actually super cool given the amount of audio content that people will need to create in the future as content moves more in that direction. Ironically it is actually a tool that I should be using more often myself given the amount of audio content I create.


8. VideoAsk

VideoAsk is a super interesting tool which just came out kinda recently from Typeform. Basically, it looks like you can create multi step video forms which add a huge interactive or interpersonal element by leveraging your face on the video.

Why is it unique? I haven’t seen many people use this tool for lead generation just yet but I have a feeling if they do they’re going to have some pretty interesting results. It’s definitely different to having a plain old opt in form and possibly even a step up from using a chatbot in terms of interactivity.

Have a try of my video form above, but heads up, you will actually opt into my mailings if you send me your name and email.

9. Calconic

When you think about it, calculators are actually extremely useful, and seem to be quite underused. I found Calconick was one of the only relatively easy to use options out there which provided for email opt in as part of the form.

Why is it unique? Without using a tool like Calconic it’s actually seems quite difficult to build such an interactive piece of content. You can try the free version but note you will need to pay to upgrade and use email capture.

10. Continually

CEO Paul McKeever is the GOAT.

Continually is one of the most easy to use, hands down, best chat bots I have ever seen. I am actually a huge fan and recommend anyone who is looking for a chat bot to really try continually. I have tried different chat bots such as Tawk.to, HubSpot’s chatbot feature, the Facebook Messenger chatbots, and a whole bunch of other tools but none are as easy to use and feature rich in combination as Continually.

Why is it unique? What’s super cool about it is that one it’s free to use to a certain level which is extremely practical. I think a lot of smaller bloggers or businesses will find that they don’t actually need to upgrade their account so quickly. The other cool thing is that it provides for not just email lead capture but booking capture which is pretty unique.


I hope I’ve covered some lead magnet creation tools here that you probably haven’t heard of or haven’t seen again for the millionth time. No egg on Canva, but we already know about you guys. Yes we know you’re awesome and free, thank you. But I think what people are really looking for sometimes is interactive tools or generators that can help you save time in the lead magnet development process.

I have a whole bunch of tools that uh not in my top 10 so feel free to opt in to get the list of my other tools. It’s actually updated often by a Google doc so you probably want to grab this one.

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