How to Set Up Tracking for eCommerce on WordPress

Tracking your eCommerce performance on WordPress allows you to see how well your store, your products and your marketing are performing.

This requires a few applications to get set up and you can replace these recommendations with your own preferred tool.

Google Analytics (GA)

GA is free and is the most important of all of these. GA gives you data on how visitors behave while on your website. You should follow a specific guide to setting up GA for your particular eCommerce system. But in general, you will need to:

  1. Go to and create an account (this can hold multiple properties for one business) and add your website.
  2. Duplicate the view for your website straight away to create a backup.
  3. on View tab, enable eCommerce tracking and Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting on your view settings.
  4. Add your checkout URL steps to ensure your conversion funnel is mapped.

See the tutorial video from Paul Hickey for integrating this for WooCommerce:

Once you have completed adding GA to your website, you can then view your marketing performance, including:

  • Channel / medium traffic sources
  • Campaign performance
  • Overall conversion rate
  • Checkout performance
  • Product and category performance

Facebook Pixel

Facebook and Instagram advertising are likely going to be your major new customer acquisition channels. To ensure you are collecting the right data for tracking your FB/IG ad performance, you must have the Facebook pixel installed.

  • Make sure you have a Facebook business account created at
  • Create an ad account
  • Create a pixel

You can then add the pixel to your eCommerce store. For WooCommerce users, you can take advantage of a plugin like Pixel Caffeine from AdEspresso to make the process easier.

Google Search Console

SEO is a likely going to be a large traffic source for retailers and some brands. In order to properly track your site’s organic performance you will need install Google Search Console (GSC).

  1. Make sure you have a Google enabled account (e.g. Gmail or similiar)
  2. Go to
  3. Create a new property for your website
  4. Note, if possible, use the Domain setup as you will only need 1 property for your website, rather than a separate profile for every URL prefix. In this case, URL prefix means www. or subdomains, including HTTP vs HTTP.
  5. Verify your property ownership by one of the means provided.

A simpler method is to now use the Google Site Kit plugin. This is an official plugin from Google that allows you to connect your site directly to your GSC and GA profiles.

  • Install the plugin
  • Run the setup wizard to connect and verify your site ownership with GSC
  • After this, connect your GA as another service via Site Kit

With your GSC connected and running, you will start to collect key data for tracking your SEO performance including:

  • Overall search trends for impressions, clickthrough, ranking
  • Top performing pages and keywords
  • Number of SEO issues current and outstanding

eCommerce plugin

As you are running an eCommerce store via WordPress, you should make sure that your plugin such as WooCommerce is setup correctly and cleanly collecting data on your store’s performance. Your eCommerce plugin will help you measure:

  • Total revenue
  • Returns and refunds
  • Best selling items

Privacy Policy

Remember, because you are tracking people on your website – even anonymously, Australians must have a privacy policy which details how and why you collect information about people using your website.

We cannot provide legal advice however the resource from Legal 123 here is a good one: and covers:

  • What privacy policies are
  • What to include for Australian law
  • What your obligations are

Image Credit: Markus Wrinkler

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