How to: Invite a freelancer to a project on Upwork

how to invite a freelancer to a project on Upwork

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Upwork can be a great portal for both finding and managing freelance talent.

Upwork has invested a lot in its infrastructure to make payments and records easy with features such as escrow and milestone payments, so you may at some point consider using Upwork as a way to pay and keep tabs on multiple freelancers.

If a freelancer has agreed to work for you, and you both agree to conduct the transaction inside Upwork, here’s how to create and pay for your project using the platform.

It is an easy 3 step process.

1. Create an Upwork client account

First, you will need to create an account. You will need:

  • Your company name and address
  • Payment details (credit cards or PayPal address)

Visit Upwork client account creation page here.

Create your Client account on Upwork

Sign up for an account following the prompts, entering your business/company information when asked.

2. Search for a freelancer and click hire

Next, you will need to search for your freelancer to invite.

  1. Use the search box in the middle of the menu to search their name.
  2. Scroll through the results to find your freelancer and click the ‘hire freelancer’ button.

  1. Once you have clicked this option, select ‘Fixed-price’ in order to create an Upwork project for work that has a scope and price previously agreed upon.

3. Create your project and approve payment

Now you can enter the details of your project into Upwork.

  1. Enter the contract name.

Try to use a descriptive name such as “Content Writing for [INDUSTRY]” as this will show up on the freelancer’s work history and helps others understand the work that the freelancer has completed.

  1. Enter the Total Amount or add a lesser amount for milestone based work.

If the work is fully completed, choose to add the total amount agreed to upfront so that the work can be paid for in full.

  1. Add brief details on the scope of the work.

These details should be the scope of works previous agreed upon. If these were not written beforehand, simply add the scope of the work as you understand it. For example “Content for 3 pages, 500 words each.” will do.

  1. Agree to the privacy policy and click hire.

This will complete your Upwork project hiring process.


Congratulations! You have invited a freelancer to a project on Upwork.

At this point, your freelancer can submit their completed work to you via email or on Upwork request to complete payment. You will then be able to release funds using the platform and leave a review for your freelancer.

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