How To Grow A Social App: Through Communities with David Woodworth

Hello there, how’s it going? Today I’ll be chatting to David Woodworth, CMO and Co-Founder of Hilokal, a drop-in language learning social app. David has grown the app from zero to 200,000 users with a highly engaged community.

Together we discuss his journey from where his pivoted out of his brick-and-mortar business into a technology based application with significant month over month user growth.

Things I learned:

  • Finding product market fit before scaling was a smart move, and not just theory
  • The Hacking Growth book is very practical and a key to the success of the app
  • Pivot to something related to your core offering, see what was accepted vs not
  • Use Redash and SQL to analyze data on your user feedback
  • Try a few marketing approaches, particularly organic, community, and ASO (app store optimisation) before calling out the winners and losers, then invest more
  • Even if you can grow a userbase through ads, the quality will be different
  • The Cold Start Problem is a useful book in learning how to develop community apps like Clubhouse, Uber, etc.
  • Work out the main pain points for your community, improve those, including removing friction
  • Usability itself is a powerful growth lever

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