Freelance Marketing Automation Consultant

Need help from a freelance marketing automation consultant to build and improve workflows, or scale your marketing and sales efforts? I can help you.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the leveraging of digital tools to automate sales and marketing tasks so that you can scale your efforts.

Why use marketing automation?

With marketing automation, you can:

  • Scale marketing efforts that would not be humanly possible to execute
  • Remove manual, repetitive tasks that are prone to error
  • Make marketing more efficient or optimised through workflows
  • Improve engagement by automating connecting with your prospects

Some examples of automation in practice include:

  • Removing data entry by integrating forms and contact points with database
  • Providing centralised information about a client or prospect
  • Automate routine tasks, such as monthly reports
  • Automating communication, such as project updates and tasks completed
  • Leveraging technology to collect client data, such as files and documents
  • Removing friction in the consultation process
  • Automatically requesting reviews
  • Creating workflows of client contact, such as a new client welcome, which run with the press of a button

With proper leveraging of tools (new and existing), a single initiative can save a fee earner multiple hours of non-fee earning tasks per month.

Why work with a freelancer?

Great question!

A few reasons.

  1. Freelance automation experts are focused on this space and have used a set of tools for a lot of different clients, so you get a team member who is experienced across more scenarios and business situations.
  2. Freelances usually work on a project basis, so you pay only for results, not for time in your office.
  3. Temporary work is the ‘nature of the gig’ so you don’t have to worry about supplying a constant stream to your freelancer every month. You can call them only when you need them. After that, they move on.

How do you work?

Most freelance marketing automation consultants will work in the same way. Typically, objectives are formed into projects and delivery follows a procedure such as:

  1. Discovery and mutual agreement on your requirements, objectives and key results
  2. Research and planning, considering the availability of tools and your internal resources
  3. Plan review and acceptance, together with you and or your team
  4. Development and implementation
  5. Quality and stress testing
  6. Completion and optional ongoing maintenance

How much does a freelance marketing automation consultant cost?

Marketing automation projects vary by the scope of what is to be created, however, the minimum project size is $500.

For advice only, this will be charged by a consulting rate per call. Contact me to find out my current rates.

Example projects can include:

  • Tool research and selection
  • Implementation projects
  • Workflow design, testing and deployment
  • Booking calendar setup
  • Marketing funnels strategy and implementation
  • Drip campaigns
  • Sales enablement improvements

How do we get started?

I would be happy to chat more about your objective or project and recommend a plan of action.

Just complete this form here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you build landing pages?

Yes, and I can design simple ones. A non-simple design might require a UI/UX designer to chip in for about 4-8 hours per page and I can introduce the contractor from my team coordinate this for you.

You are also welcome to use your own team for the design.

Can you design the emails we send?

Yes, but I’m not a graphic designer so I will use your existing images.

There are members on my team and network that can design graphics and layouts for you if required.

Can you build our website?

Yes, if it is on WordPress.

I have folks in the team who are total WordPress nutters, so we would be happy to help you together.

Can you visit or work from my office?

Sorry, I work remotely.

How do you communicate?

I have call scheduling tools (from HubSpot!) that help make finding a time really easy. I’m always up for video or audio calls.

For projects I use Asana to keep track of the work including regular email updates.

What if I change my mind during a project?

This happens a lot, because we are all human. It’s OK!

Projects are scoped on a ‘sum of hours’ basis, so we can just replace something out of equal time, but lesser importance to you

Of course, we could always extend the overall project ;-).