Freelance Inbound Marketing Expert

Looking for a freelance inbound marketing expert to help run your business’s growth strategy? I can help.

Channels like Google Search have diminished the marketing volume in business directories, impacting many businesses who have traditionally relied on them.

Digital marketing has now developed beyond a set of disparate tactics, including a marketing approach popularised by HubSpot called Inbound Marketing.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing works on the idea that traditional marketing techniques of interruption do not work as effectively as investing in techniques that attract prospects.

Inbound marketing focuses on developing awareness with prospects, engaging them when they’re considering your service or ready to enquire, converting them, and then delighting them so that they spread the word about your business.

Why Should Businesses Use an Inbound Approach?

The inbound approach is designed to help businesses attract better motivated and targeted audiences by thinking through their ideal customers and attracting them. This can be cost-effective in some situations.

How does it work?

Inbound marketing is based on developing and implementing an inbound strategy. Broadly, the stages include:

  1. Setting goals, based on your business objectives and to align requirements.
  2. Reviewing and profiling your website and target market, their buying journeys, data and on user behaviour.
  3. Developing a flexible inbound marketing growth plan with recommendations.
  4. Implementing the projects, changes experiments, technology and activities.
  5. Engaging and delighting clients.
  6. Analysing performance and setting activity targets to continually improve performance.

What can a freelance inbound marketing expert do for me?

I can provide inbound marketing services, including:

  • Inbound strategies
  • Strategy implementation
  • Website conversion rate optimisation (CRO)
  • Content marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social media marketing
  • Technology integration and implementation

How much does a freelance inbound marketing expert cost?

Like most freelance inbound marketing experts, I charge by project.

A project is calculated of my estimated time and skill required to do that particular project.

Tasks or assignments outside of this are charged hourly. This is great for when we are both unsure how long a task could take or something more flexible is needed.

I also offer monthly retainers for inbound growth consultancy.

The exact hourly rates change over time, so if you are interested in working together please contact me to get the latest rate.

How do we get started?

This is the exciting part. Go ahead and send me a quick outline of your project and needs using the form: Contact Me

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you build landing pages?

Yes, and I can design simple ones.

What is a non-simple one? This would be a design might require a UI/UX designer to chip in for about 4-8 hours per page.

The good news is that I can coordinate this for you and recommend a contractor in the team for this.

Can you design the emails we send?

Yes, but honestly I’m not a graphic designer so I will use your existing images.

If you want images or layouts that are a bit more snazzy, I can bring on another freelancer to work with me on that or work with your team.

Can you build our website?

Yes, if it is on WordPress. I have guys in my team who are WordPress experts and layout designers so we will together be able to build and update growth-driven website designs.

Can you visit my office?

Sorry, I only work remotely.

How do you communicate?

I have call scheduling tools (from HubSpot!) that help make finding a time really easy. I’m always up for video or audio calls.

For project management, I use Asana to keep us all clued into the project on the same page and system. This covers emails, as well, using Asana’s messaging system.

For real-time communication, I can use Slack.

What are your marketing strengths?

  • email/marketing automation & CRM
  • marketing/project/account management
  • content marketing/SEO

What if I change my mind during a project?

Things can, and often do change. That’s ok!

The way we can manage this is to simply swap something out of the pipeline of equal value but lesser priority.