Freelance HubSpot Expert

Why should businesses use HubSpot?

HubSpot is a platform, which means it absorbs many tools that you would ordinarily have to buy and manage separately.

This is really ideal. If you do the alternative, which is to use a large, complex ‘stack’ of tools, you can quickly end up with data transfers that don’t match and information siloing.

Generally speaking, HubSpot is also easy to use compared to many other tools. Users often get the hang of it faster and find it less complex to navigate which means your teams can get on top of it. The last thing you want is internal resistance from your team in adopting new processes.

However, HubSpot is not the right match for every business. Typically it will be better for businesses that are B2B focused.

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Why use a HubSpot freelance expert?

Great question!

A few reasons.

  1. Freelance HubSpot experts are focused on HubSpot have used the system for a lot of different clients, so you get a team member who is experienced across more scenarios and business situations.
  2. Freelances usually work on a project basis, so you pay only for results, not for time in your office.
  3. Temporary work is the ‘nature of the gig’ so you don’t have to worry about supplying a constant stream to your freelancer every month. You can call them only when you need them.

What can HubSpot do for my business?

HubSpot can help you:

  • Generate more leads through inbound marketing, mainly using SEO and social media/content marketing to attract the right type of client to you. Just like I am doing here!
  • Convert more people into clients. HubSpot has great automation tools for nurturing contacts with customisable drips or automated outreach for your sales teams. It also has great features that help keep your sales teams focused.
  • Delight customers. HubSpot has tools that support client care teams through ticketing. You can also use the automation tools to continually engage your clients for repeat business or word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Measure your marketing. A very cool feature of HubSpot is it’s ability add all assets (landing pages, emails, nurture series, etc) to a campaign to track everything in one place. Also it has great reporting on your overall sales and marketing efforts.

How do you work?

I follow a basic process for each client. If the client has a ‘ready-to-go’ clearly scoped task to do, I can move on that.

Otherwise, most engagements follow this process:

  1. I take the time to understand your goals, and narrow them down to key objectives and results so that we are 100% aligned.
  2. I formulate and recommend a plan, either broad or in detail consisting of several distinct projects depending on the requirements, so you know how your objective will be achieved.
  3. I execute the plan hands-on or with outside expertise that you require. I source and hire these people myself and have done so often. I’ve met and worked with a range of great freelancers.
  4. I communicate with you daily, weekly or monthly – as required by you and the project until completion or modification.

How much does a freelance HubSpot expert cost?

Two options here:

  • Advisory calls (fee per call)
  • Project rates

For projects, these are calculated of my estimated time and skill required to do that particular project.

Anything outside of this is charged hourly, particularly when the scope of a project is not known or only ‘ad hoc’ help is needed.

The exact hourly rates change over time, so it’s best to contact me for my most recent rate.

I do have options for people who need someone to just take care of their system.

How do we get started?

I would be happy to chat more about your project and recommend a plan of action. Just contact me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you build landing pages?

Yes, and I can design simple ones. A non-simple design might require a UI/UX designer to chip in for about 4-8 hours per page and I can coordinate this for you.

Can you design the emails we send?

Yes, but I’m not a graphic designer so I will use your existing images. If you need custom images or layouts, I can bring on another freelancer to work with me on that.

Can you build our website?

Yes, if it is on WordPress. I have guys in the team who are WordPress experts. You can see our website design service information here.

Can you visit my office?

Sorry, I work remotely.

How do you communicate?

I have call scheduling tools (from HubSpot!) that help make finding a time really easy. I’m always up for video or audio calls. Otherwise I use Asana to keep track of the project including regular emails.

What are your marketing strengths?

  • email/marketing automation & CRM
  • marketing/project/account management
  • content marketing/SEO

What if I change my mind during a project?

This happens a lot, because we are all human. It’s OK! Projects are scoped on a ‘sum of hours’ basis, so we can just replace something out of equal time, but lesser importance to you – or extend the overall project.

Have you written about HubSpot?

Yes! I have an article on the HubSpot forum about how to email a single contact within a deal, a kind of tricky requirement.