Freelance Calendly Expert

Looking for a freelance Calendly expert to help you set up your bookings application?

I can help you make full, efficient, and easy use of the application. It is deceptively simple, and in some situations, you may need to call in some tech help to get it integrated just right.

Why Use Calendly?

Calendly is a robust, user-friendly appointment bookings scheduling tool that can help you:

  • Allow others to find booking times that work for them without the back and forth
  • Organize your time around predictable meeting slots
  • Take payments for bookings ahead of time
  • Send automated reminders for bookings so that more people show up

Some Unique Strengths of Calendly Are:

  • Round-robin booking
  • Group calendars
  • Ease of use

Why Not Use Calendly?

Calendly is missing some features that are important to note depending on your business requirements:

  • No pre-paid meeting function
  • No credit system
  • No bulk appointment purchasing
  • It is not HIPAA compliant

Why work with a freelance Calendly expert?

Great question.

Firstly, there aren’t many, sadly! I don’t mind the competition at all, so please encourage Calendly to begin a verified experts program.

The top reasons for working with a freelancer are:

  • Typically freelancers have worked with plenty of businesses with different and similar situations.
  • You get to access this knowledge on a cost-effective basis by just hiring for the project.
  • Saying goodbye to a freelancer after an engagement is the name of the work style. So there is no issue letting someone go after an engagement and focusing on another area of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other tools can you use?

I recommend using a booking tool integrated with your CRM, such as HubSpot or GoHighLevel.