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[List] My Best Email Marketing Resources

When you are new to running email marketing it always helps to have someone show you the ropes.

When I got started managing email marketing for a previous employer, I was lucky in that I got shown the ropes by a generous colleague. One thing that stood out to me in the handover was her resource list and swipe file. (A swipe file, for those who haven’t yet seen the term, is a folder or list of example ideas that you can use for later reference).

Since then I’ve taken the resource list she shared (thanks Mari!) and created my own that I’d like to share with you. Hopefully these sources can help you start or improve your email marketing.

So, here are my favourites:

The Top Resources

Digital Marketer’s Guide to Email

Digital Marketer is one of my favourite sites on the area. Compared to other blogs on the topic of digital marketing, their content is usually more practical (and definitely tested) than other sources.

It isn’t clear who wrote this particular guide but it is a great in-depth overview of what you can do with email marketing. Reading this guide helped me pick up new areas of opportunity for email campaigns that I hadn’t previously considered.

Really Good Emails

Really Good Emails is a collection of emails in one place that you can reference when designing, or even writing your own.

Email examples are submitted by users, so usually the quality of the emails is quite high. You can also filter by type of email or industry for really specific examples related to your particular business or email objective.


Giphy is, for those who don’t know, a website where people can upload GIF images on all different topics. This is pretty handy to add in a little bit more spice to your emails, and make them a whole lot more interesting and engaging for people to read. You can use them to make people stop scrolling, as well, as they’ll be interested to know what the GIF was actually about.


Pinterest is one of my favourite places to find email (and graphic design) inspiration. The suggestive feature of Pinterest makes finding similar style of work easier, so you can really dig into a particular style or concept.

I created my own email marketing design board here, and you can do the same. Just search and repin interesting email designs to your email marketing board and Pinterest will start pushing the most popular designs your way.

Together with Really Good Emails, these two sites are usually enough inspiration to plan out of the majority of your email campaigns.


Photoshop isn’t the most newbie-friendly design tool around. While it is certainly more powerful, sometimes you just need to get a simple graphic made quickly. And that’s why so many people love Canva.

Canva is an easy to use graphic creation tool. Just about everyone can create a reasonable graphic using the program. And with a little practice, you can probably make really impressive graphics too.

The site will let you choose one of their templates to get started. But also check out the inspiration section where other users share their own creations that you can freely use as templates.

Mail Tester

Mail Tester helps you check the spammyness of your emails. Send an email to the email address provided from your ESP (email service provider a.k.a emailing software) or inbox then click the check score button. It is a really convenient way to have an adorable snail (you’ll see) check the quality of your email deliverability across all the major factors.

The site then breaks down your email spam factors and highlights any areas of risk or problems. Better yet, Mail Tester also displays a brief description and suggested solution for each weakness.


Ever wanted to drag and drop build HTML emails for more hardcore programs? Stripo lets you do that. You can use their free account to export a couple HTML templates a month.

Closing Notes

I see sharing a way of saying thanks to those who generously helped us learn from their experience by paying it forward, sharing with others in your situation.

These sites are my favourite resources for  understanding email marketing, finding inspiration for campaigns, creating graphics and checking the quality of the email deliverability as a whole.

Do you have a favourite email marketing resource? Please share your experience in the comments.