Does Tumblr marketing work?

Promoting content, getting traffic and boosting awareness through social media is a tempting idea. Tumblr is a free platform with 550 million monthly users.

However, you may be wondering first whether Tumblr marketing actually works before investing time and resources in the platform.

In my experience the answer is yes, Tumblr marketing works but it depends on your target market and whether they are active on the platform with topics related to your service.

But to understand why this happens, first we’ll have to understand how to do Tumblr marketing.

How Tumblr marketing works

A Tumblr marketing technique is as follows:

  1. Once you have an account, you will first need to find your target users by searching topics that they will be engaging with.
  2. Then look at the bottom of these posts to see who is re-Tumbling the content, and follow those who re-Tumble the content.
  3. At the same time, use your own account to re-Tumble the most popular content in that topic to get people engaged with your own profile.

After following the process, you should see your Tumblr followers build up and people start engaging with your content.

tumblr followers dashboard

Naturally, this will bring traffic to your own posts when you create them provided that they are on the same topic that your followers are engaged in.

For example…

Here is an example of when Tumblr marketing does work.

Anyone who has used Tumblr for an extended period of time will notice that many of the users are under 35 (approximately 45%), who are particularly interested in the pop culture, anime, k-pop and foreign languages.

Posts in these topics where users are plentiful and active get hundreds and even thousands of shares.

tumblr marketing works

This 642 word post is one I created for the Korean language learning topic.

Compare this to some posts in the internet marketing and real estate topics I tested from my own personal Tumblr.

tumblr marketing doesnt work

Not much luck.

How to gauge your audience

Without having tested every topic, there is a simple way to estimate whether Tumblr marketing will work ahead of time.

Simply search your topic and analyse the number of shares and engagements on posts. If the number is very low (under 10) then it is unlikely that there are enough active users on Tumblr who are interested in your service.


Social media marketing can be a compelling way to gain traffic and awareness to your content or service. However, how far you get on the platform depends on how active your target user base is.

Do some simple searches before hand to check how popular similar topics are on the platform before investing your time, and you may save yourself some unnecessary effort.

Overall, this should come as no surprise to traditionally trained marketers. I am sure they are more than familiar with understanding their market and choosing channels based on this but regardless it is interesting to see the idea in action.

Have you had any success content marketing on Tumblr? Please share your experiences in the comments.

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