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Best Coworking Spaces in Seoul Korea

Best Coworking Spaces in Seoul Korea

As a digital marketing contractor working remotely from Korea, I have worked in more than a few cafes and plenty of coworking spaces in Seoul. With this experience I thought I would write a quick guide for those interested in knowing what their options are in Korea’s capital.


WeWork is well known around the world and carries it’s own cache in Korea. Admittedly, it isn’t as well thought of these days given the recent scandals, but it is probabbly considered the most desirable of the coworking spaces in Seoul.

Other advantages here are the Wework has some of the key areas, with their own building in Samseong and in prime real estate in Jung-gu, on the north side of the Hangang River.

The disadvantage here is the Wework’s spaces are likely the most expensive. A hotdesk costs around 380,000 KRW per month, not including taxes.

From experience, I found that each office has it’s own ‘feel’ with some being a little quiet with others being very busy. The staff attitude varies by location, so see how you feel when you arrive.


Fastfive is Korea’s version of Wework (among many), and a great version of it. They have similarly trendy designs and good locations.

The prices are similar, if maybe a little cheaper.

Thier facilities seem a little nicer in the design and options such as massage chairs and chill out spaces, ‘powder rooms’ and so on.



JustCo is part of a Singaporean group, aimed at providing cool coworking spaces in Asia Pacific. The design and facilities are similar to Wework and Fastfive but may have a few less perks than other spaces.

In my experience, the staff at Justco have been more welcoming and friendly than other places (across multiple branches) so that was a big advantage.

Another advantage is that Justco is part of a larger network, where membership in one location will allow you to visit other locations.

One downside of Justco is that meeting rooms are not provided free with a hotdesk membership, and you will need to hire them on a per-use basis.