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[Build in Public] Community Marketing

[Build in Public] Community Marketing

I originally read about content promotion using communities from Benji Hyam. His technique suggested that you could get fairly quick and immediate traffic from the right communities if you aren't a spammer, and were actually engaged in those communities.

I saw this tactic as a win-win, because I’m actively looking to network and learn from other people so it made sense that I could spend a little bit of my time in those same communities to share some of my own learnings as well.

Sadly it seemed like Benji had moved away from using communities as a major content promotion method, but I thought it was interesting to try anyway and just see how it goes for myself.

Other content journeys:


  • 3 Sub Reddits
  • 2 Audiences on Reddit
  • 1 forum, Indiehackers
  • 4 Slack channels
  • New; Product Hunt

May 2022

  • Picked some engaged communities on Reddit, Forum and Slack channels
  • Discarded Growth Hackers because the community on Circle is so inactive
  • Discovered GummySearch on IndieHackers
  • No major plan right now other than just trying to engage
  • Feel a bit uncomfortable on Reddit given the naming of my blog
  • Tested a technique where you run a poll first, then message the people who replied.
  • Got 30 responses across different Slack channels, about 3 people were interested for the link via DM.
  • Don’t think I can run that every time.


  • 2 posts


  • 2 posts

June 2022

  • Added a few tracked keywords
  • Started some engagement on the platform with comments
  • Found this awesome piece by Ross Simmonds on Reddit posting data
  • Made friends with another Redditor with high follower count
  • Made friends with a Slack user, a marketing manager who organized a podcast interview on SaaS video marketing for me
  • They helped co-promote the episode, leading to approximately 30 visitors


  • 7 posts
  • 14 visitors


  • 1 post
  • 6 blog visitors from Reddit


  • Unknown from Slack

July 2022

  • No idea how to properly use Product Hunt, just liking a few products
  • Made my own list on PH
  • Jeff gave me a lead that Ross Simmonds had good work on Slack marketing
  • Not much activity as I was out of commission with covid and an operation mid-July.

August 2022

  • TBA