Chatbots, Top CRM Blogs and New Cafes

A quick update here just to show I am still around and active.

Photo above shows one of my latest coffee houses to work from. A great plus of the culture here is that ‘taking your sweet time’ in cafes is quite common. Younger people are usually found studying for some exam or another, or even preparing to apply to jobs (which is treated as a few month project just to apply for a particular company).

I was entered and ranked in the world’s top CRM blogs by Feedspot just recently. You can find the list here, and for what it is worth I am sitting around 63rd. Who knows what exposure it will bring but I am happy to have it – along with my a flash new partner page on HubSpot’s agency directory.

Currently I am working on editing a new podcast recording with Paul McKeever for the Marketing Automation Discussion. Paul is the founder of, a no-code chatbot platform and is one of my favourite chatbot applications currently. The episode is going to be a corker. Paul is a total legend and shares some very insightful frameworks around leveraging chatbots for conversion.