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Best Coworking Spaces in Busan, Korea

Best Coworking Spaces in Busan, Korea

Having spent the last few weeks familiarising myself with this beach town at the southern-most tip of Korea, I’ve just settled into a nice workspace. But it wasn’t so straightforward, as I had to try a few places to gether. So for those who might be poking around here too, I thought I would share a quick tip on where some of the best coworking spaces are in Busan.


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Pathfinder seems to be a Korean chain of ‘공유 오피스’ joints. The prices are very reasonable (about 10,000 KRW per day) but you get what you pay for, it’s not exactly an airbnb-esk decorated trend-zone. However, their locations seem to be fairly convenient across town too, so these are good points.

The establishment here tends to be local Koreans only and I doubt there are many foreign visitors as everything is in Korean only. Ignore the decoration talking about the global community and digital nomadism, etc. ;-). The vibe or culture leaves some things to be desired.

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The Cave

The Cave is a coworking space and cafe run by the founders of StoryPal, one of the most adorable startup ideas I’ve ever encountered. Ask them and find out what it is.

The main thing you’ll notice about the space is that the people are very accommodating. Quite a refreshing experience for nomads in Korea. You’ll likely make a bunch of friends here so do check them out.

The Cave is in Marine City, a somewhat posh part of town but the prices are really good. This would have been my pick if my location was closer.

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WeWork Seomyeon, WeWork BIFC

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This is where I ended up. 

My experience with the culture at WeWork has been mixed depending on the location (Seoul vs Busan), but the Busanites are very friendly and accomodating.

As expected, the facilities are the best of most coworking spaces. Kidults rejoice since they have the free beer until 5pm, too (but no bean bags?). Other pluses are the iced fruit juice, brewed and filtered coffee. Ah, and some epic stickers for your raptop.

Their locations are also prime too. I’m in the BIFC tower which is in the new planned-to-be financial district of Busan so everything is quite modern and convenient.

Being international, you can get by with just English here and a lot of the signs, instructions etc are in both languages which makes your life a whole lot easier.

One suprise benefit was also the price. Being Busan, it seems the rates are a lot more affordable than your regular wework, running around 260,000 – 270,000 KRW for a hotdesk per month.

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