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    How to build a micro SaaS portfolio | Ryan Kulp, Fomo

    Here’s a summary of some key parts of an interview I did with Ryan Kulp on building a SaaS portfolio.

    Note, these are summarised dot points from myself, not quotations. Listen to what Ryan said in the full interview.

    What do you call yourself?

    • Ryan talks about absorption mode vs creative mode. You need to build up creative energy and then deploy it.
    • Sees himself as a creator, but creativity is defined as the combining of not similar ideas into something interesting.
    • The common thread through his marketing, coder, and investment career is that they hinged on his ability to be empathetic to what people care about and want.
    • Many coders are actually just great a being empathetic than they realize.

    On Fork Equity’s Strategy

    Fork Equity is Ryan’s micro SaaS company.

    • Fork Equity started when working on Fomo.com, when we started pattern matching by testing different marketing tactics, design changes, etc.
    • Wondered, what happens if you build up a library of best practices?
    • He doesn’t know everything but now knows a little more than the average person.
    • You only need to be right once in entrepreneurship.
    • You only need a slight edge and exploit that, don’t need to be Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg level.
    • Some people call this special knowledge.
    • I thought, let’s be bold, take the assumption of best practices, and see try this process again and again.
    • It allows us to A) take companies that weren’t doing as well, and make them do better and B) start things from scratch.
    • We have kept refining, and it continues to work.

    Why Micro Acquisitions?

    • First started out of necessity. Didn’t have a lot of funds.
    • Needed to start small.
    • Companies start out at different stages.
    • Small businesses have different problems than bigger businesses.
    • Comes back to pattern matching, now we can pick companies with a certain size [micro] and add value almost with our eyes closed.

    Other stuff in the interview:

    • Builders vs growers
    • Ryan’s thoughts on bankers 😉
    • Tips on sourcing and dealmaking
    • Building teams for micro SaaS management