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Book Review: Marketing Campaign Development by Mike Gospe

Marketing Campaign Development by Mike Gospe is one of my favourite marketing books so far.

Don’t let the 90’s stock photo cover distract you -as a practical book, rather than broadly one that summarises marketing theory, this book details specific documents you need to run your marketing.

It also includes great details on how to put them together, mixed with relevant stories of these processes in application.

Gospe cut his teeth in marketing at HP in 1985 and moved onto international campaign management at large tech companies including Sun Microsystems. He has written a range of marketing books, such as the Marketing High Ground (also a gem) as well as a few blogs, including Marketing Campaign Development and The Marketing High Ground Blog.

The book outlines the marketing campaign process. Broadly speaking, Gospe reminds folks that marketing ought to be properly planned in a collaborative way across broadly 5 key phases:

  • Kick off meeting of the campaign: broadly briefing all relevant participants and stakeholders
  • Synchronisation at a high level with participants: developing the broad programs to achieve the marketing objectives
  • Check for program conflicts
  • First sign-off: of the high level plan with higher management
  • Synchronisation at an executional level: with participants to determine how the programs will be executed
  • Check for execution conflicts
  • Second sign-off: with higher management for final budget approvals

The book also details an approach to defining the messaging for a particular product or brand that is comprehensive.

One area of the book I wish was more developed would be the role and processes surrounding directing, collecting, analysing and actioning market research.