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Review: What's The Best Blogger Outreach Tool?

Review: What's The Best Blogger Outreach Tool?

Yeah, I get it. Sending a whole bunch of emails to lots of different bloggers to try and get links and guest post opportunities can be a real pain. So which tool should you use to really scale the number of emails that you’re sending? Particularly to bloggers. Thankfully, this is something I know a little bit about having run a whole bunch of cold outreach campaigns on different tools so here is my list of topics for you.

Summary: I recommend and personally use Hunter. The reason is that it is really streamlined for the workflow. Once you find the site you plug it in, choose the email of the editor, and then draught your outreach email within the system.

Summary of Results

Hunter WoodpeckerLemlist
Ease of Use5/54/52.5/5
and paid from $49 p/m
From $39 p/mPaid from $29 p/m

Evaluation Criteria

Just so you know, here are the evaluation criteria that I have used to cheque out each of these tools. So that you know my analysis is not completely baseless.


This is the most obvious one. It has to be easy to send lots of emails in a customized way. But it will also include things like analyzing the effectiveness of your campaigns or getting notifications based on what people do.

Ease of Use

If you’re gonna be using this tool a lot, for example as an SEO agency or marketing freelancer, then it makes sense that the tool should be very easy to use. I’m looking for the least PIA factor here.


A lot of you will probably be using Google Sheets or maybe even a CRM so I will be checking whether or not there are good integrations with other tools here.


Finally, I will be checking the price. If you’re a bit cheap like me you will be looking for something that gives you the most bang for your buck. But is still easy to use and has all the features etc.


Alright, so Hunter is the big kahuna here. As mentioned previously in the summary is the tool that I use and recommend. Basically, it is really set up for Blogger outreach.

The way it works is you plug in a website that you want to contact, and choose an email or person from the list of available contacts. Then, you can go ahead and schedule an outbound email to that particular person.

From the screenshot above, you can see that if you have a spreadsheet with everybody’s names and emails on the list you can customize your campaign. You can use merge tags on the email template to make sure that you customize your first lines etc.

To try and make sure that your sending is as natural as possible, you can also set the schedule of when you will send emails and how long between each.

Key Features:

  • Find emails
  • Verify emails
  • Send from within the tool
  • Integrates with Gmail
  • Major CRM integrations
  • Google sheets email finder
  • Track opens with an add-on


  • Easily combine find and verify steps
  • Email from within the tool itself
  • Upload a list from a spreadsheet


  • Hard to control how many you send in a day
  • No follow-up feature
  • No A/B testing


Hunter is free to use and paid plans start from $49 per month. Learn more about Hunter.


Woodpecker is my next best choice. The reason why is that is extremely easy to upload and run multiple campaigns and it is also quite technical so you can do complex AB testing and smart campaigns based on whether people open or not.

It is the choice I recommend for people who need to run more sophisticated campaigns at scale, and would rather not do the legwork of chasing out all the emails that they have sent previously to send follow-ups.

From the screenshot above you can see that Woodpecker is starting to develop more in the marketing automation side where you can make steps happen based on user behavior.

This will probably be overkill for a lot of people who just want to do blogger outreach, but it is definitely worth noting in case you want to run more sophisticated campaigns.

Key Features:

  • Upload from spreadsheets
  • Warmup tool
  • Manage replies inside the app
  • A/B testing


  • A tonne of integrations
  • Warmup tool included
  • Follow-ups possible
  • Conditional logic followups


  • No email sourcing tool
  • The name will raise some eyebrows with the immature


Woodpecker has no free version. Paid plans start at $39 per month. Learn more about Woodpecker here.


I have to say I’m a little torn here.

Lemlist list as a company is super cool and I really like a lot of people who work there. They really know their stuff when it comes to cold email and I think they are the leaders in the space when it comes to understanding how to deploy and run cold email campaigns.

But, their tool is a little bit different for a lot of people. I have used lineless before but my account is not currently active so I can’t show screenshots from within. Having said that it was fairly OK to use in terms of coming up with campaigns.

With the unique design, it can be a little bit of a task to get on top of but once it’s going it is pretty fun to use.

Lemlist’s core strength is that it is the most personalizable tool on the market. For blogger outreach, that may be more power than is required but it is definitely a great thing if you know how to properly use it.

Key Features:

  • Threaded follow-ups
  • Upload spreadsheet contacts
  • Industry-leading personalization


  • Leverages your Gmail to send emails
  • Email warmup tool


  • The user interface is a bit unusual for some people’s taste


Lemlist has no free plan. Paid plans start from $29 p/m. Learn more about lemlist here.

Closing Thoughts

Alright so hopefully you can see why I recommend Hunter as the best outreach tool for reaching bloggers.

From here if I were in your shoes what I would do is test Hunter versus either one of the alternatives and see which one you prefer using more. If you have another tool for finding emails, then you’re more likely going to want to use woodpecker than the other options.


What is cold outreach email?

Cold outreach email is messaging via your inbox that approaches contacts you haven’t talked to before. Usually, you’re trying to pitch a service or the next step in communication, such as booking a meeting.

What is the best tool for blogger cold email marketing?

Hunter is the best tool because it combines multiple steps of your workflow. You can find emails with it, verify them and schedule outreach within the same app.

How do I write a good cold outreach email?

This depends on your objective. You can see templates for different types of outreach emails from Lemlist here.