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40 Targeted B2B Email Ideas by Funnel Stage

40 Targeted B2B Email Ideas by Funnel Stage

Considering that your database represents current and future business, how will you keep people in your funnel, moving towards a sale, or moving up the value chain? One common method is sending more targeted messages, particularly via email, which is central to inbound marketing.

Targeted messaging works on the idea that sending something more personalized, on purpose will produce better results than simply blasting the same message to everyone.

Recently I’ve been on the hunt for B2B email ideas by funnel stage, but unfortunately, I found that other content out there didn’t often match the emails to objectives. So here is a list of my ideas and others from research per funnel stage or objective.

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List of Ideas

New Leads

  1. Welcome email. To validate the email you acquired.
  2. Promote qualifying guide. E.g. how to achieve [something related to what you do]. Gate the guide with a form that asks qualifying questions.
  3. Promote a path-finder blog topic. E.g. issues with X, solutions to x
  4. Promote a qualifying blog topic. E.g. things ABC companies should know
  5. Ideas list / Inspiration. List out the ideas and offer a link to more about each. Track clicks
  6. Webinar invitation. Gate the webinar with a form that collects info that qualify your lead.
  7. Share tools. Gate the tools with a landing page to quality your lead.
  8. Meet at an event invitation. Meet in person and qualify.
  9. Survey request. Track answers with qualifying and need identifying questions.


  1. Invite to make a booking / call. Reach out with a link to your booking calendar, like Calendly.
  2. Share a relevant case study. Suggest people get in touch to see how you can do the same.
  3. Offer trial / consultation.
  4. Meet at the event invitation. Meet in person and sell.


  • My / team introduction & welcome. Personalize contact and give signposts on where they can find things.
  • What to do next. Suggest how they can make the most of your service / product and a smooth transition.


  1. Curated newsletter. Show your expertise specifically relevant to their interest.
  2. End of month, year summary of interest / field. Show your expertise specifically relevant to their interest.
  3. Ideas / inspiration. Share ideas to help them get more out of what they’re using.
  4. Review meeting / catch up request. Offer to catch up and build relationships.
  5. Meet at event invitation. Offer to meet up at an event your attending to build relationships.
  6. Birthday gift. Be nice. Build personal connections.
  7. Season’s greeting letter. Write a personal sounding letter.
  8. Behind the scenes. Build a personal connection.


  1. Ideas / inspiration. Show how they can get more out of the offering. Offer more info for each. Track link clicks.
  2. Announce new services / products. Offer more info for each. Track link clicks.
  3. Review meeting / catch up request.
  4. Meet at event invitation.


  1. Event invitation. Meet and build relationships.
  2. Review request. Request a review on targeted websites. Offer links.
  3. Testimonial request. Suggest videoing a testimonial at your office.
  4. Invitation to join group. Join an advocates group for feedback on new features, and processes, or help promote your business.
  5. Survey request. Get intel on your market or product.
  6. Referral request. Request introductions.
  7. Behind the scenes. Share a glimpse and build personal connection.


  • Here’s what you’re missing out on / inspiration. Track opens and link clicks.
  • Meet at event invitation. Suggest personalised attention.
  • Heavy discount. Give a heavy discount on a document/tool people usually pay for.
  • Our best resource, free. Provide a document that you usually have people pay for, free.


  • Thank you email. Leave on a kind, personalized note.
  • Invitation to join the group. Suggest an option to become an evangelist or advocate.

How about you?

Do you have some favorite email campaign ideas based on different parts of the sales funnel? Share yours in the comments below. 😎