7 Law Australian Firm Directories for Local Citations and SEO

Citations are a m factor for ranking higher on local search and improving your SEO. When it comes to building citations online for law firms most of the articles on the topic focus only on American legal directories.

While many of the directory sites in Australia are the same, not all of the American directories are available in my homeland.

I decided to do some digging to see whether there were many (or any) active law firm directories  active in or native to Australia. I found that there are 4 legal directories semi-active: FindLaw, LawyerList, LawChoice and SolicitorsCentral.

Here are the details.

Law Firm Specific Online Directories

1. FindLaw

FindLaw by Thomson Reuters was the largest of all, with about 175,000 monthly visitors. The website seems to be active with quite a few articles published a month.

It’s free to join and you can signup here.

2. LawyerList

LawyerList was the second largest. The design is quite Spartan but then again that may mean that it is more usable.

Listing is free. Go there.

3. LawChoice

LawChoice seems to be a newer player in the space with low traffic volumes. Compared to the others, it looks quite serious about developing the platform however almost all the traffic is coming from search suggesting that the company isn’t investing in marketing the platform.

Listing ranges from free to $365 a year for advanced features. You can signup here.

4. SolicitorsCentral

SolicitorsCentral seems not to be particularly developed compared to the other platforms however it is receiving a active number of submissions on a monthly basis. Traffic to the site is unlikely to be particularly high.

Listing is free, here’s the link.

General Directories

If you are looking for directories where you can list your legal practice then there are a few general ones where I found many law practices listed.

5. Yellow Pages, True Local, White Pages, Whereis

These four websites are the largest directories in Australia combined. Traffic is a whopping 5.14 million across each of these platforms which are shown some love and kept up to date.

Listing is pretty convenient as there is only one account you will need to list on all of them. The most basic account is free, too.

Check it out on the Sensis signup page.

6. Yelp Australia

Surprisingly there quite a few law firms listed on the Yelp platform although they do not seem to get much attention. Less than Google MyBusiness reviews, anyway. Having said that, Yelp is quite a popular platform in Australia compared to the other directories with 1.75 million visitors per month.

Signing up is free here.

7. WordOfMouth

WordOfMouth is a newer site which appears to be investing in marketing to try and grow the platform. So far they have over 580,000 reviews for local businesses and are marketing by PR and social media. Interesting.

I am curious to see how popular the platform becomes over time.

Like the others, it’s free to signup.


While there aren’t that many law firm specific directories in Australia, there seem to be some decent options with general directories such as the Sensis group of sites. For the most part, every platform listed here is free as well so you may as well sign up to any that take your interest.

Do you know a platform that should be on this list? Let me know in the comments.

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